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Nilfisk SR 1450 Ride-on Sweeper

  • Nilfisk, Nilfisk SR 1450 Ride-on Sweeper
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Obsolete Machine. Spare Parts Only.

The Nilfisk SR 1450 Ride-on sweeper is a small and compact, fully hydraulically driven sweeper. These robust sweepers are ideal for work in congested and tight-space areas. The dust-free sweeping system is ideal for indoor and outdoor uses such as warehouses, shopping centres and car parks.

All sweeper operations are controlled hydraulically from the driver's seat. The dust filtering system is made up of large surface bags (cleaned by means of an electric filter shaker, which only needs to be replaced after several years. The hydraulically controlled collection bin can be emptied directly into the city waste bins measuring up to 1420 mm high

Product Code: SR1450


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