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Delfin TECH420P Industrial Vacuum

  • Delfin, Delfin TECH420P Industrial Vacuum
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Dense phase pneumatic conveyor, highly flexible due to the modular design,  possibility to vary the load capacity and the diameter of the exhaust valve, fitted with multi-nozzle venturi pump, and certified for food use and certifiable ATEX Zone 22 areas. Conveyor recommended for powders > 1μm and grains also with a tendency to stick, when they do not need to remain intact.
Fully automatic functional logic, system designed for both continuous operation and 24Vdc external signal.
AISI 304 stainless steel for parts in contact with the product, glossy finish interior and satin finish exterior. Various builds, customisation and product discharge options available. Wide range of accessories specific to powder transport applications.

Product Code: TECH420P


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