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Service & Repair

We firmly believe no other distributor of industrial and commercial cleaning machines can match the quality and reliability of our maintenance. We have fully equipped mobile services engineers with over 25 years of experience, operating from our centrally located workshops.

A programme of planned preventative service visits and inspections ensures that machines are maintained in good working order and reduces the risk of breakdowns and need of repair.
Planned maintenance is recommended to ensure top performance and prolong the life of your machine.

We can also offer an uplift service for repair of smaller machines, or if preferred you can send your unit to our central workshop where we can assess and quote to repair. ANKEF are main distributors for all of the major manufacturers in the UK and can repair machinery no matter what the make or model.

Our ability to repair all of your equipment has many advantages. The most obvious benefit is the time that you will save in dealing with just one company. Just one call for all your cleaning equipment requirements.

ANKEF a one stop shop for all your cleaning needs

To provide customers with the right product is important, but what happens after that is equally as important. Service and technical backup are often the key to success, at Ankef our support is total. That is why we have our own fully equipped mobile service engineers operating from our centrally located workshops.

The importance of training can never be overstated. Our aim is not just to get a sale no matter what, but to provide you with that positive solution to your needs. Part of that solution is training on every aspect of that machine whatever it is to ensure you and your operators get the best out of it. To do that we insist on scheduling training at regular intervals until you and your operators are confident in using our equipment

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
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